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     ”Personally, I’m a fan of ignoring the problem until it eventually goes away.”

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           ”What 9n 6ef9rus is Flappy Bird.”

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"D9n’t tease him T99 much" (vantascest NSFW comic) ==> LINK <==

i finally finished it!!! HAHAHAHHA *dies* but yeah it was for my friend’s birthday that i promised myself to do it and its been a year or so so yeah here ya go!

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"Reality is boring, though."


      “I learned that early, and very quickly. Y9u w9uld 6e amazed with h9w much experience 9f reality y9u can gain during the after life, ir9nically en9ugh.” 

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Ah Hello Kankri Pleased To Meet You

No Im Not Looking For This Porrim You Speak Of

I Have One Of My Own

   ”Y9u d9n’t say…”

          “Uhm, 6ut nevertheless. I supp9se it’s a pleasure t9 meet y9u as well. I can n9t say y9u are the first Kanaya I’ve c9me ar9und t9 greeting, 6ut s9 far I’ve had n9 tr9u6le. What 6rings y9u here, if I might ask?”

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"How cynical, but I like it."


I'm just keeping it real.”

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kankri for sams birthday today!! making this into a keychain if i can!(also its transparent)

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legit what I thought upon seeing this post.

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Porrim wasn’t irritated, exactly — she was more exasperated and overwhelmed than anything else. Much like how her first few shifts had been when she had begun waitressing her way through university, or the few times she had helped out at her grandmother’s daycare, the new position was taking some getting used to and required more than she had expected. Attempting to instruct and keep teenagers in line was a new prospect for the woman — Porrim had always been the one exchanging gossip in the back of the room during lessons, so she had yet to realize, until today at least, how much patience and investment the opposite role took.

She was sure she would get used to it within a week or two, but for the time being know-it-all teens and waking up at ungodly hours of the morning were things she still saw as disturbances to the lifestyle she was used to.

A quick glance at the clock halfway down the corridor confirmed Porrim’s hopes that she was, thankfully, not late for her senior class. In fact, she had twenty minutes to make her way to the other side of the building. She would have loved to sass the preppy-looking kid back, but any patience or humour she had had been subdued by the class of teeny boppers she had dealt with before her little break. At least he wasn’t flipping her off, like she had seen so many do both in her own high school days and in her short time at this school.

"Not for another twenty minutes or so, no. I’m guessing the same isn’t true for you, though." It wasn’t hard to deduce that a kid standing right outside a classroom was one who liked to nitpick and irritate their teachers — not enough to warrant a visit to the principal or detention, but still enough for said teacher to flip out. She stepped a bit closer to the teen boy, black heels clicking against the linoleum — she didn’t feel much like getting bitched out for having her voice carry into the classes of her new coworkers and disturb lessons. In her tall heels, Porrim towered over most people enough that she was seen as intimidating, but only just matched this young man’s height.

     His crimson hues glimmered as they were averted back to the woman who had tattoos as a second skin. His tousled, windswept hair were in the way to shadow his smirk before it evaporated into a stern, thin line that indicated his nonchalant aura towards the situation. It clearly wasn’t the first time he had been sent out, but he had reasons — unfortunately, he figured people were too dumb to try and comprehend them to understand the point he was trying to prove. He kept quiet when she spoke up again, occasionally glancing at her but over all, radiating a quiet composure.

             ”They send me out because they can’t give me the answers I ask for,” there was a minor hint of venom in his tone, but he reduced back down to being phlegmatic as usual. Kenneth wasn’t uncomfortable with the distance between him and the lady, but the second she stepped forward, he inched back. “… So they kick me out, to shut me up.”

    The sandy haired boy didn’t like the school system. It was something he resented and went against on every level, because he couldn’t tolerate it at all.

      What was the point, that everyone say, in reading something and memorizing it without understanding it? People shouldn’t study, they should learn. That was difference between failure and success. They were so caught up on reaching perfection, that they forgot about having any excellence. His skin prickled with uneasiness as the unknown figure towered over him, to which he responded by straightening up and taking his heel off the wall. He was short, but he didn’t allow himself to wall under her shadow. Obedience didn’t come to Ken easily.

   ”And I hope,” he started. “That your hard born vexation from those fatuous, ignorant brats won’t be taken on me.” His eyes darted over her fast, examining her rapidly to pick out information that a normal person wouldn’t spend the time to notice — an odd ability Ken had, apparently. Her fingers seemed worn, like she had been writing or sharpening pencils. “So, you’re the new art teacher, huh. But still a student, I believe.”

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       ”D9 y9u kn9w the 6ig pr96lem with a disguise is? H9wever hard y9u try, it is always a self-p9rtrait.” 


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You Are Correct

I Assume You Are A Vantas


    “If it isn’t 96vi9us en9ugh, yes. I am a Vantas. Y9u are c9rrect. My name is Kankri.”

        “May I ask what 6rings y9u here? Perhaps y9u’re searching f9r P9rrim?”

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     “Well you shouldn’t be complaining I’m pretty sure it’d be the opposite reaction if barley anyone visits you. I’ve been doing well how about you?”


   ”I never said I felt irked that y9u visited. Perhaps I’m just s9mewhat surprised, since it’s unusually t9 get c9mpany. Dream6u66les aren’t exactly a sight seeing attracti9n, if I must say.”

         ”H9w w9uld 9ne 6e in their afterlife? Neutral, t9 6e h9nest. 6ut translate in y9ur language, I w9uld say I’m alright.”

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